PatientBond allows you to easily engage healthcare consumers with personalized messaging using various channels (text, voice, email, app) to change their behaviors.


"PatientBond's unique configuration tools make it easy to automate critical patient communications. The product is excellent and there is little doubt it will help contain costs and improve the quality of care."

"PatientBond's automation of patient outreach frees up our clinical staff to spend more quality time with our patients, improving our efficiency and, more importantly, our patients' health."

"PatientBond's solutions went live in less than 30-days, allowing us to rapidly and dramatically improve our ability to engage with patients. We began seeing return on investment the same day the system launched"

"We are initially deploying PatientBond for visit follow-up, patient satisfaction surveys and collections processes. The technology seamlessly supports each of these use cases, and we anticipate deploying the solution for additional use cases in the near future."

"PatientBond developed a "wellness light" deployment for us that we can offer to our employer customers. Their solution provides an education and intervention framework at a very competitive price, allowing our employer customers to gain the benefit of wellness initiatives without the expensive and time-consuming implementation project associated with typical paper-based wellness programs."